Tiny Kisses line

Tiny Kisses TM

What kind of doll is a "Tiny Kisses TM" reborn? This type of reborn can open their mouth to take a Gumdrop pacifier. Some babies even can hold a bottle!!

Their kits originally had a closed mouth. I have carefully sculpted it open & backed them with dark colored felt that has been glued in place with permanent adhesive. Their kits are made from soft vinyl. With a gentle squeeze of the cheeks, or even just gently pushing in their lips (depending on the sculpt) allow them to hold a Gumdrop size pacifiers. With the flexibility of vinyl, the lips actually close down & hold the item in their mouth. It gives the new parent the next step of realism.

Because their lips have been sculpted to allow this, the outside appearance is a slightly open mouth, smooth & realistic. But the inside is not perfect. There are slightly uneven areas. These areas are not seen from the front, only when squeezing the mouth open & looking inside. 
Caring for a "Tiny Kisses" reborn requires a gentle touch by the new Mommy & not recommended for children. Your reborns pacifier will arrive with a bit of Cornstarch (NO baby powder) on it to allow for easy placement of his/her pacifier. It is recommended to continue this in order to make this feature easy to use.

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