Sunday, February 5, 2012

Simply Sweet Bundles

I have been reborning several years and have enjoyed every minute of it! Being a mother of 2 little ones myself, it has become a great way to still hold on to my "babies". They just grow so fast!

I got my start selling custom orders & premade "bundles" at craftshows. I had used reborns as a realistic way to show my newborn knit wear, and soon began having more requestes for the babies I had modeling! I now make my premade babies & custom orders exclusively though online sales. This has allowed me to be able to be the best mother to my own children, as well as giving me the time to be best creator I can be to making reborn babies.
Each sweet bundle is lovingly created from the moment I begin. From the "first" bath to prepare the vinyl for painting, to the moment their "first" outfit is placed upon them.
Many layers of Geneisis Heat Set paint are applied giving each baby their realistic skin tones and life like expression. Then its time to add their delicate eyelashes &  painted hair. Lashes are sealed from the inside for protection. All hair is sealed with Genesis Heat set Matte. No need to worry about a messy head...always in place with every clothing change!

Then its time to fill the baby with soft cuddly love! My babies are never over stuffed. Each one is weighted to feel like a baby should & will just melt into your arms. As with an real baby, you must support their heads. The head, limbs & body are weighted to make this realistic weight. I ONLY use high quality fine glass beads to fill my babies.The beads are no larger then a grain of sugar. Then high quality polyfil is added to make your new little one just as sweet and snuggly as any newborn should be!

My babies are ment to be loved & cherished over generations. With proper care each baby will be just as beautiful as the day it was delivered to you. Please remember..these are works of art and are ment for collectors. They are not a toy.

If magnets were used in your baby, please keep the baby & pacifier away from any electronic equipment, and pacemakers. If you wish to have the magnets removed, just let me know & I will be happy to do so.

If your ready to find your new sweet bundle to adopt, please stop by my Etsy shop SimplySweetBundles.

Please check out a few of my recent "Sweet Bundles" page  tab at the top to see just a few of the babies that have been delivered to their new homes!

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Simply Sweet Bundles

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