Care tips

Congratulations on your new little bundle! Now that they are finally home here are a few tips on keeping you baby as beautiful as the day they arrived.

They are painted with permanent Genesis heat set paints & are a work of art. As with any fine art piece there are steps that will help maintain it’s beauty for many years to come.

You will need-
q-tips, air duster (baby bulb nose syringe works well), & a make up brush

1. Using the make up brush, dust off the face, ears, fingers, toes, and creases.

2. Using the bulb syringe blow air in the ears, nose, eyes & hands (if there are tight creases).

3. Finish off by using a q-tip lightly on corners of eyes, inside the nose, and inside the ears.

Your baby has just had a bath !

For rooted hair……..
1. Gently fix babies hair into place using your fingers. Repeat until your desired look is achieved. I don't recommend using products, hair combs, or brushes due to the breakage & shedding they can cause.

Though the paints are permanent, using water is not recommended on reborn or any heirloom doll. With this 3 month bath routine your baby will remain as beautiful as the day they were delivered. 

***PLEASE WASH ALL DARK & NEW CLOTHING BEFORE ALLOWING BABY TO WEAR THE ITEMS. Fabrics have extra dye that could leach into the vinyl over time.
                               Thank you!

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