Reborn faux milk bottles

Reborn faux milk bottle instructions.....
 Its so much fun to have that realistic milk bottle for a prop when displaying your reborn baby! Here is a simple way to make your own at home.
You will need...... empty bottle, Mod Podge, Loctite clear silicone adhesive sealant, toothpick, dab of yellow food coloring.
 I like the Loctite brand since the sealant comes with an extended plastic tip to help you apply glue directly to the nipple opening hole with out making much mess. Just place tip directly on the hole, then squeeze out a small dab. Make sure it covered the bottle tip hole completely! Let cure 24 hours.
 Mix 3 1/2 oz of water & a TBSP of Mod Podge in the bottle. Shake WELL! If it looks milky enough for you your ready to move on to the next step. If it remains too watery, just add small amounts of Mod Podge until you get the consistency your looking for. Then move on to adding your color.
For a light yellow tint to give your milk a more "formula" look all you'll need is a TINY toothpick tip of color from yellow food coloring.

Place top on & shake well again. Once you have the consistency & color you like then its time to glue the nipple & ring to the top.
Using the same Loctite glue line the entire ring of the bottle nipple cap with the glue. Then screw back on to the bottle. Allow for 24 hours to cure before using near your reborns. Always double check each time you use the bottle for prop.

Faux milk bottles make for great props in your nursery. Though ment for display only, some like to use them to "feed" baby. I don't recommend placing bottles on the baby or in their open mouth other then for a photo shoot. Always check each time before use the nipple is still sealed, as well as the top of the bottle. 
With so many adorable bottle choices out there have fun creating your own!

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